"This project came from my deepest desires to fuck with others (figuratively) and alienate myself (literally).
Online dating profiles are inherently reductionist. I have a special loathing for the all-too-common wanderlusting music lover: the person who not only loves to travel, but also loves music. They are broad, vague and unspecific. The individual is not at the center of the profile, relatability is.
I created my profiles with the opposite intent, focusing on rats, cockroaches, and blatant desperation as common themes. I logged in at least once a day to keep my profile visible to other nearby users and changed it every week.
Each new profile was not only a creative writing exercise, but also a chance to put forth a small creative work into the exhibitionist sphere. In doing this practice, I feel I put forth a more accurate depiction of who I am than a 250 character autobiography could."

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